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Mary Jane Vaughan

Mary Jane Watson appeared in the Nineteen Nineties Spider-Man animated series, voiced by Sara Ballantine. She first meets Peter Parker within the episode «The Return of the Spider-Slayers» after May Parker units Peter up on a blind date. At the time, Peter’s primary love curiosity was Felicia Hardy and he didn’t sit up for assembly Mary Jane, however is left speechless upon meeting her. In season three’s finale, the Green Goblin discovers Spider-Man’s true identity, kidnaps Mary Jane, and takes her to the George Washington Bridge. Spider-Man tries to save heaps of her, however she falls right into a dimensional portal created by the Goblin’s stolen time dilation accelerator and is presumed lifeless. In season 4, she seemingly appears alive and well at the site of the battle between the Goblin and Spider-Man earlier than resuming her relationship with Peter, who finally reveals his secret identification and proposes to her.

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Introduced in the season one episode «The Invisible Hand», she is part of an organized date to Midtown High’s Fall Formal set up by May Parker, which Peter initially dreads before he meets Mary Jane face to face. Afterwards, she transfers to Peter’s faculty and enters a brief romantic relationship with Mark Allan. In the Amazing Spider-Man series, it’s revealed that she has finally accepted Tony’s employment supply when she and Tony attend a Parker Industry event, making Peter very uncomfortable. Later, she catches up with Betty Brant and Harry Osborn, and the three uncover that businessman Augustus Roman is definitely the highly effective being often identified as Regent who is imprisoning heroes and villains to add to his personal strength.

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This model is depicted as a shy, insecure woman who knew Peter Parker from elementary school who deals with anorexia and peer stress. Mary Jane Watson appears in the Ultimate Spider-Man video game, voiced by Andrea Baker. In the Nintendo DS version, the participant should save an unnamed character with Mary Jane’s clothing and hair colour. In the 2004 sequel Spider-Man 2, Mary Jane, pissed off at Peter’s reluctance to be with her and obvious lack of dedication, begins a relationship with John Jameson.

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  • She makes an attempt to go away, however hesitates as she approaches the door, and finally chooses to stick with him.
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Peter, who’s distraught over the lack of Gwen Stacy, angrily confronts MJ about her seemingly flighty and carefree perspective. He questions her capability to ever care about folks like him and Gwen, and states «You would not be sorry if your individual mother died,» unaware that her mom had actually died. She attempts to go away, however hesitates as she approaches the door, and ultimately chooses to stick with him. This served as a turning point of their relationship, and over the subsequent couple of years, she and Peter become very close friends. Eventually, upon realizing the sentiments that they share for each other, they decide to take their relationship to the subsequent stage, having sex in the process.

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Mary Jane has been dwelling on the West Coast pursuing her performing profession. She returns to New York after Carr is discovered to be taking Mutant Growth Hormone for a film role, equipped by the White Rabbit. His shallowness makes MJ walk away from him and take a TV job, which takes her again to New York City. newlineAccording to interviews conducted with then-Marvel editor-in-chief Joe Quesada, each story prior to this story stays canon . Quesada additionally stated that a spot of undefined duration occurred between pages in «One More Day», during which the couple separated.